14 June 2010

Metabolic Conditioning

Tuesday's Training Session:

Sprint Medley - Choose any of the following or any combination of the following for 7 Reps

1. Jingle jangles - Sprint back and forth between a distance of 5 yards for a duration of 30 seconds for 1/2 a Rep.
2. 400m Run - Sprint 400m AFAP for 1 Rep.
3. Suicides - Sprint 15 yards out and back, then 30 yards out and back, then 60 yards out and back for 1 Rep.
4. 100m Run - Sprint 100m AFAP for 1/2 a Rep, if completed in sand it is 1 Rep.
5. 400m Object Carry - Run 400m carrying an object weighing 20% of your body weight for 2.5 Reps. If you stop running or put the object down deduct 1/2 a Rep each time.
6. Shuttle run - Sprint 6x 50m AFAP for 3 Reps.

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