05 July 2010

Metabolic Conditioning

Monday's Training Session:

50x Renegade man-makers 40/20 lbs. dumbbells

Notes: 1 Rep of Renegade man-maker = hang clean, push press, drop to push up position, push up, row, push up, row, jump to standing.

1 comment:

  1. I did the "Fairwell Bemis" workout.

    7-10x Burpees, dribbling the soccer ball through cones, 3-5x pull ups, then back through the cones again, then your partner goes while you rest.

    My reps were adjusted as i got more and more smoked to keep times consistent. Bemis did 10x Burpess & pull ups each time and kept his times consistent.

    Five sets all against the clock, and on the last one you had to beat all your previous best times.

    It was fun/hard. I'm going to miss him.