10 July 2010

Rest Day!

Stretch, stretch, stretch - then stretch a little more! Stay hydrated over the weekend, relax and rest up.

Striving for an ideal level of functional fitness - fitness being your body's ability to control movement, i.e., strength, power, flexibility, endurance, stamina, agility, balance, coordination - across the board is no easy undertaking. However, the higher your fitness level the greater your ability to do and to be whatever! It is with this goal in mind, of maximizing one's potential, that we train and condition our minds and bodies through a disciplined training regimen. Ultimately, we additionally want the best bang for our buck. I know that I'm not trying to just look the part, but be the part. And that means hard work is required - period! HARD, HARD WORK. So again our training is going to evolve.

Strength is paramount, because it is the pillar of all other fitness. I've come to realize that there is an order and precedence to training that should be followed. You wouldn't try to overhead squat your body weight if you couldn't properly perform an air squat first, and it would be foolish to start bench pressing if you couldn't perform strict push-ups. Considering this, we are going to build up our strength from the ground up, starting where it matters, with you. Bear with me - scientists, coaches, and doctors all change their concepts of what the best training protocols are all the time. We are going to focus on body weight only movements, e.g., gymnastics to build a foundation in strength. What does focus mean? It means primarily this is what will be utilized in the training, but don't be surprised if you still see hang cleans pop up every now and again...

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