21 August 2010

Rest Day!

Enjoy the weekend, rest and recover! Something to consider starting: "The first thing you should do after you wake up is start rehydrating." This is a tremendous benefit to your body's well being, as sleeping is basically a 6-10 hour spell of dehydration. Also, for anyone training at home or implementing their own programming, I highly recommend above all other equipment a set of gymnastic rings. Gymnastic rings are incredibly easy to set up - and can be suspended from a rafter, tree branch, pull-up bar, or whereever. Movements are a little more advanced like L-sits, ring dips, pull-ups, skin-the-cats, muscle-ups, isolated holds like front and back levers, ring push-ups and flies, body weight rows, etc. But well worth the work, this is by far my favorite piece of equipment.

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