26 September 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
5x Hip Swivel each side
5x Shoulder Dislocates
5x Sotts Press
3x Scorpion Strikes each side

Movement Prep:

10x Hurdle jumps 36 inches or higher
1 min. Jingle jangles
10x Forward rolls
10x Sit-through
1 min. Jingle jangles
10x Hurdle jumps 36 inches or higher


30x "2-Hands Anyhow" using a 75/45 lbs. barbell and a 50/20 lbs. kettle bell

Notes: Scale as required!


  1. Ben and I alternated doing the 2-hands anyhow rep for rep and kept a solid pace til finished. Very hard on the core but fun movement.

  2. Did this as prescribed, however used 50# dumbell and a 34# kettlebell, alternating arms.This was an interesting and fun way to lift. I also really liked the basic ju juitsu movements. After the workout was completed:

    Pushups 3x20
    Situps 3x15 weighted@ 25#
    Pullups 3x5