20 September 2010


In five minutes complete as many SDHP as possible using a 75/50 lbs. kettle bell (barbell if needed). Rest five minutes, then perform as many HSPU's as possible in five minutes.


  1. 103 SDHP/52 HSPU's

    Then swam:
    5 Rounds
    50m head and chest out of water
    50m lawn chairs

    100x full body dips
    4x 25m under waters

  2. I rested yesterday, because let's be really real. I could have gotten a few SDHP's. However, after Monday's workout there is no way i could even do 1 HSPU. I mean, my max is like 3 HSPU's anyhow. So i figured i would let my body heal up for Wed's workout.

  3. 82 reps@ 75#. Can not handstand push up so i did hand stand holds for as long as i could for five minutes. Clock would stop when i could no longer hold myself up. Smoked my arms!