21 September 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
5x Hip Swivel each side
5x Shoulder Dislocates
5x Sotts Press
3x Scorpion Strikes each side

Movement Prep:

10x Lateral jumps over 24/20 inch box each side
10x Burpee pull-ups
1x Dot Drill
10x Burpee pull-ups
300 yd Shuttle run (6x 50 yd sprints, touch ground at each side)


Work up to Single-arm Snatch 1RM (load must be successfully snatched with each arm to count)

Work Capacity:

75x Snatches w/ 75 lbs.
Every time you stop to put the bar down and rest, row a 500m sprint before continuing on!


  1. The 75 snatches were deceptively tiring, although the weight is super light the movement of the snatch repeated at such high intensity is legit.

  2. Did this one last night. Subbed 30 10 yard sprints for the shuttle because of space constraints. The 75x snatches were power snatches. Had to set the bar down twice resulting in 500M rows before resuming. Agreed that it was legit.