01 October 2010

2-Week Break!

For the next two weeks until Monday, October 18th, we will be on a training break. What does this mean? This program started off on an experimental foot, and has continually evolved into what it is now, as we draw nearer to one year we have yet to take a legitimate rest period. That time is now. STORE THE BARBELL, RACK THE WEIGHTS... If you have been following consistently take this rest period seriously. This is not to say that you should not do some light calisthenics, skip some rope, or go for a fun run. But we are definitely going to lay off the strength and power stuff.

If you are new to the programming and not in need of a recovery period start at Sep 3rd and follow the mobility drills and movement prep sequentially (Mon/Wed/Fri). The first week you should focus on two days of POWER work utilizing the snatch and the squat clean and one day denoted to a long work capacity session - AMRAP 30 mins. of 10x Bastards (a burpee followed by a tuck jump), 7x Pull-ups, and 5x Thrusters 95 lbs. The second week do two short work capacity sessions 1) 5 Rounds - 100m sprint, 15x Deadlift 155 lbs., 10x HSPU's. 2) AMRAP 10 mins. of 10x KB swings, 10x KB SDHP with 70 lbs. And one day of STRENGTH, working on your deadlift and press.

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  1. New personal record, Hang Power Clean, 2x200#. Failed on 3rd rep. Previous record, 1x185#. FINALLY!