27 October 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
5x Hip Swivel each side
5x Shoulder dislocates
3x Scorpion strikes each side

Movement Prep:

10x Sit throughs each side
15x Grasshoppers each side
30x Candlesticks
10x Backward rolls
2 min. Wrestler's bridge face down
2x Rope climbs


3x 15 yds. Burpee broad jump
3x 15 yds. Russian hop
3x 15 yds. Gorilla hop
3x 15 yds. Gorilla hop side to side
3x 15 yds. Bear crawl
3x 15 yds. Shrimp
3x 15 yds. Crab walk
3x 15 yds. Army crawl
3x 15 yds. Cartwheel
3x 15 yds. Roundoff
3x 15 yds. Front handspring
3x 15 yds. Forward rolls

Notes: Sprint the 15 yards back after each set; looks like 15 yards frog hop, 15 yards sprint. Repeat 2x more times to complete the three sets.

1 comment:

  1. Legs were def burning on some these hops, the rolls made me dizzy and feel nauseous...