24 October 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
5x Hip Swivel each side
5x Shoulder Dislocates
25x OHS w/45 lbs. bar
3x Scorpion strikes each side

Movement Prep:

Tabata box jumps 20 inch box
5 yds. Lateral handstand walk each way
10x Combat rolls jumping over 24 inch box
10x Combat rolls jumping over 36 inch box
50 yds. Right arm throw 30/15 lbs. kettle bell*
50 yds. Left arm throw 30/15 lbs. kettle bell*
50 yds. Two hand granny toss 30/15 lbs. kettle bell*
4x 30 secs. Whip smash w/1x rope

*Sub weighted med ball or D-ball if indoors!


Work up to 1RM Bench press


  1. New PR benchpress, finally hit 200#. Failed at 210. Wanted to hit 200 for awhile. My ultimate goal of 225 is getting closer. Thank you Steve!

  2. Word good work chris! Keep training smart and hard...

    Combat rolls are incredibly useful in everyday life... mmmm when someone is trying to shoot at you or you need to dive through a window or jump over a wall :-)

    Hit 265 lbs. on the bench, Ben Brown came in at 205 lbs. for a PR!