31 October 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
5x Hip Swivel each side
5x Sotts press w/45 lbs. bar
25x OHS w/45 lbs. bar
3x Scorpion strikes each side

Movement Prep:

70x Burpees
10x 90 degree rotational box jumps (right & left counts as one rep) 20 inch box
20x Depth plyometric push-ups
1x Dot drill
70x K.B. snatches 70/50 lbs.

Work Capacity:

For time:
30x Baby Makers* 95/65 lbs.

*Baby Maker = 1x Burpee while holding on to the bar w/ no jump, 1x hang squat clean, 1x push press, and 1x Overhead lunge each leg.

1 comment:

  1. 13:02 for the Baby Makers. I neglected to see that 95# was specified so i had only performed them with the 45# bar. They still sucked. I'm guessing at 95# you could probably double my time. Oh well.

    Movement prep was changed a bit as i incorporated some gorilla hops into combat rolls, one arm snatches at 55#, pushups. Also worked on mechanics of the punch on a heavy bag. Been a long time since i hit a bag. Fun!