18 November 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
10x Hip crossovers (legs straight) each direction
5x Shoulder dislocates
15x OHS w/45 lbs. bar
10x Lateral lunges each leg
6x Hand walkouts
3x Scorpion strikes each side

Work Capacity:

21-15-9 Reps of:
Hang squat clean with 40/20 lbs. dumbbells


  1. Burpees look so innocent, until you do them...Could you explain a "shoulder dislocate?"

  2. Shoulder dislocates - grab a pvc or broomstick with a wide grip, hold the pvc in front of you at waist level and parallel to the floor, you then raise the pvc up and over your head and bring it down behind your back with out losing your grip, the wider the grip the easier the movement is... the goal is to increasingly move your hands closer together increasing the difficulty of shoulder mobility.

    If you click the shoulder dislocate exercise I've linked it to a youtube video with a demonstration of the movement.

  3. Finished in 5:06 burpees are terrible...