28 November 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
10x Hip crossovers (legs straight) each direction
5x Shoulder dislocates
10x Single arm OHS w/45 lbs. bar
10x Tuck Jumps
6x Hand walkouts
3x Scorpion strikes each side


Work up to Single-arm Snatch 1RM

Work Capacity:

While wearing a 20 lbs. vest:
5 Rounds
7x SDHP 135/95 lbs.
7x Box jumps 36/24 inch box

1 comment:

  1. 1RM Deadlift - Me 395 lbs. Ben 335 lbs.
    1RM Clean/PP - Me 215 lbs. Ben 205 lbs.
    1RM Front Squat Me and Ben 245 lbs.

    5x5 Frog Complex at 135 lbs.