02 November 2010



5 Rounds
10x Single arm snatch each arm 95/45 lbs. barbell
10x Dips
10x KTE's

5 Rounds
7x Thrusters 50/25 lbs. dumbbells
14x K.B. swings 50/35 lbs.

5 Rounds
5x HSPU's on parallettes
10x Thrusters w/45 lbs. bar
10x Back extensions
20x Sit-ups

8 Rounds
20x Flutterkicks
30 secs. Handstand hold

Notes: Scale weight as required. Depletion workouts are training sessions that are geared toward exhausting the body's muscle glycogen supply. Your body stores carbohydrates, the primary fuel we burn while training, and muscle glycogen is this storage of carbs. As these storage supplies are depleted your body runs out of power exhausting itself limiting the ability to continue.

This depletion of muscle glycogen has a positive effect on building lean muscle mass and jump starting your body to push past former plateau's. Beware though, upon completing the training your body will require a large intake of calories to replenish and repair the damaged muscles. Stay away from processed food and simple sugars.


  1. Hardest thing was the HSPU's on parallettes by far... my body is beat!

  2. There is only one thing i hate more than MetCon and/or Work Capacity. Depletion. I am so happy to be resting on Thursday.