23 December 2010


Mobility Training:

HAM Complex
3x Hip swivel each direction
10x Hip crossovers (legs straight) each direction
6x Backward rolls
15x OHS w/ 45 lbs. bar
10x Precision jumps to box 8 feet away
10x Plyometric depth push-ups
6x Hand walkouts
3x Scorpion strikes each side
10x Legs swings each leg

Strength Endurance:

Set-up a barbell with 225/135 lbs. in front of a 36 in box. The movement for this station is a deadlift/box jump. It forces you to accept full load of the deadlift each rep instead of bouncing it off the floor - you then have to fire off your posterior chain explosively during the box jump. Set another 36 in box up 3 feet in front of a pull-up bar. The movement for this station is a pull-up/box jump. Jump up and grab the bar do two pull-ups at a dead hang (NO kipping) drop down and do a 180 degree box jump, switch rotational direction each rep. Scale to a lower box if necessary. The last movement is a burpee/box jump using the same set-up.

3 Rounds
20x Deadlift/box jump
15x Pull-up/box jump
10x Burpee/box jump
Rest 3 mins.

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