03 December 2010

Weekend Rest!

This site was originally designed as an organic experiment aimed at the achievement of an elite level of what we deem as fitness, which I view as one of the pillar stones to success in a well rounded and long life. Before CrossFit popularized the concept of high intensity, constantly varied, functional movement, mainstream gym-goers, would-be athletes and the rest of the body composition driven population looked to "Cardio" and "Body-building type weight lifting." But behind the scenes there was a physical subculture that was driven by the ambition of success in real strength, body weight control, and balance. Odd lifts were trained like "Two Hands Anyhow" and the "Zercher Lift." Amongst others were repetition snatches and clean and jerks at body weight which even CrossFit has cited as: "Having reasonable claim to be the best overall conditioning drill ever." Incredible feats of strength were completed giving way to the endless potential of the human body.

Our goal is to build and maintain our maximum strength and conditioning ability limited only by our individual genetics. So what do we do? Where do we go to find the formula, the combination, the key to success? Science? When you were in school science was about experimenting, recording results, making observations, and deriving a hypothesis. Today's fitness concepts are mingled between science, trial and error, and coaching ingenuity, but sadly more or less driven by money and sold through body composition propaganda. This is BS! We have no time and should lack patience for gimics, superficial training concepts, and programs based on form over function. So in the spirit of the purpose of this site myself and another rescue swimmer I work with (and with an open invitation to you), we will begin a new experiment. The premise of the training regimen we will be delving into is derived from the concept of human adaptation to repeated work. Consider this: sherpas have incredible leg stamina, and strength endurance as well as incredible VO2 max, but they climb mountains regularly under significantly strenuous loads repeatedly. Their bodies have adapted to handle this work load, even under extreme environmental conditions.

Our training experiment will seem counterintuitive and contradict a lot of methodologies and previous concepts and the results are unknown. We will be doing the same training everyday of training. The cycle will consist of mobility drills as a warm-up, following we then will test our 1RM Deadlift, 1RM Clean and Push-press, and 1RM Front Squat as the strength building portion. This extreme stress load every training day of lifting maximum weight is normally shunned. We will end the session with a series of the frog complex (1 rep = power clean, thruster, back thruster). This will comprise our work capacity, although the complex will always be the same and completed everyday the reps and loads will change in order to fully train all three energy pathways.
Training days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Tuesday focusing on an endurance activity and Thursday left as our active recovery day. We will continue this cycle for a period of no less than 6-8 weeks to record results and observations. Hopefully, at the other end of this tunnel we emerge stronger, and with superior conditioning. Take the jump, go committed!

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