18 December 2010

Weekend Rest!

One year has accumulated since the start of this site. Methodology has roller-coastered around varying from high intensity Crossfit circuits to single mode heavy strength training to minimalist make-do-with-nothing workouts. Like with all comparisons each different style of training came with pro's and cons, some more consistent than others. Looking back having gone through it all, suffering injuries along the way, training on the road while traveling, and trying to keep it interesting I've learned a few things.

1. Keep it simple!
2. Use your body weight.
3. Squat - Back squat, Front squat, OHS, air squat, pistol squat, Bulgarian Split squat all good stuff!
4. Intensity is paramount: 60 percent of your training should be at a maximum output intensity ranging in different durations to maximize training in all three energy pathways.
5. You cannot dismiss endurance efforts - DO NOT FORSAKE LONG ENDURANCE ACTIVITY!
6. Plyometrics are incredible - Burpees, star jumps, squat thrusts, box jumps, tuck jumps, jump lunges, step-ups, clap push-ups were a staple in military conditioning for a reason.
7. Mimic your body's natural movement - the most functional thing you can do imitate what your body is intended for: Run, Jump, Hop, Skip, Crawl, Climb, Push, Pull, Throw, Squat, Bend, Twist, Lunge, Roll, and Tumble.
8. Do push-ups!
9. Do pull-ups - get strong at these and maintain this ability, they are a life saving skill. Add weight!
10. Rest!
11. Rest within your training - in order to put forth maximum effort proper rest intervals must be incorporated - 1:1, 1:3
12. Sandbag get-ups and Kettle Bell swings - If I were to only train two movements these would be them.

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