30 January 2011


Active Recovery:

6x 50 yd Freestyle sprint in weighted vest (8-10 lbs.)
200 yd Swim
300 yd Sidestroke in flight suit or alt. clothing
400 yd Kick w/fins
200 yd Swim
4x 25 yd Underwater swim

1 comment:

  1. Had a PT test today for work:
    5x Pull-ups
    5x Chin-ups
    50x Push-ups
    60x Sit-ups
    500 yd swim in flight suit
    4x 25 yd underwaters in flight suit
    200 yd buddy tow in flight suit and with addition of drogue chute
    100x dips
    6x 25 yd sprint (kick only)
    4x 50 yd breast stroke