20 February 2011



2 Rounds
SDHP 75 lbs. 1 min. for max reps
Push-ups 1 min. for max reps


Slowly work up to a deadlift weight of 2x your body weight, then complete max reps at this weight if you are able.


By any progression of your choosing find your max bench press.

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  1. 2 Rounds
    SDHP (41 reps, 40 reps)
    Push-ups (90 reps, 70 reps)

    Current BW is 180 lbs. for deadlift I went to 365 lbs. and managed 5 reps
    No spotter for bench press, so I did 3 rounds of max reps at 225 lbs. (10, 10, 7)