27 March 2011


Active Recovery:

Practice yoga or active stretching, for about an hour. Today is all about letting your body rebuild and rest. Avoid giving in to the need to go to the gym. Relax and take advantage of this time off.

Our health is not only based on our fitness, but our nutrition, stress level, rest, mental stability and sense of fulfillment. Often times we will come across a decision that offers two choices; the first choice is one of immediate gratification, it offers some kind of pleasure or superficial satisfaction, it is usually very tempting. The second choice is one of self-sacrifice, forcing you to look past your immediate desires, it takes discipline, it requires effort, you may suffer criticism for this choice, but in the end when things are said and done it is always the wiser of the two choices. Below I have created a list of items, practices, rules of a sort that when followed will help us avoid the aftershock of making choice number one. I can only offer this advice because I have seen the results numerous times first hand of both choices. In the end it's always up to you, but please consider:

1. Avoid eating candy! Candy is literally sugar coated poison. Stick to dark chocolate if you have a craving, the more cocoa in the chocolate the more bitter it is, but the better it is for you!
2. Stick to 2-3 alcoholic beverages.
3. Learn to appreciate portion control and portion control will teach you to appreciate.
4. REST when your body is telling you to rest!
5. Drink lots of H2O, not everyone has this liberty.
6. Go with your gut, trust your instinct. If you think something is wrong, if you think something bad is going to happen, if you think you shouldn't be doing something, LISTEN to yourself!
7. Never cheat! PERIOD!
8. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, nothing is learned in being a coward.
9. Take care of the things you own, fix them when they brake, use the things you own. Make do with what you have. No matter how much you think you want something if you don't actually need it, when you get it you'll soon forget about it.
10. Help everyone you can with the whatever you can! Even if it inconveniences you. You'll get over it, trust me.
11. FOLLOW Through - with things you say you're going to do, with things you set out to do, with projects, with good ideas and intentions, with reaching your goals.

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