17 April 2011


"Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls."
Proverbs 25:28

If you are new to this type of training these sessions may seem difficult at first. The key is consistency, as well as your development of the mental discipline necessary to push your body as hard as possible through each session. Don't worry about your weight, don't dwell on how your body appears! We are training movements key to survival and daily adaptation. The side effects of you letting go and giving it your all will be very noticeable in a few weeks!

Mental Challenge:

This week's mental challenge revolves around developing, honing, and strengthening our resolve and level of discipline. Discipline takes time and sacrifice to develop. Discipline stems from self-sacrifice with an objective in mind. This self-sacrifice is a continuous concious choice we make everytime we're confronted with something that tempts or entices us (ie. the desire to quit when confronted with physical suffering or hardship). Discipline is forged through our consistent descision and action to endure temptation and stand by our initial resolve.

This week start small and make concious decisions to deny yourself instant gratifications. For example, make a desicion today to maintain a strict diet all week, sacrifice your exposure to television or facebook this week, commit to doing something helpful for someone each day this week, or hold yourself accountable to doing the training everyday this week with everything you have. In each of these situations temptation quickly arises, especially if one of these areas is a weakness of yours. Deny the need to rationalize an excuse to give in to your desires and reap the reward at the end of week.

The benefits of Self-discipline


ROM Drills (Mobility exercises):
HAM Complex
Shoulder disassociation
Hip crossover
Backward and forward rolls
Scorpion strikes
Hand walkout
Shoulder dislocate
Leg swings

Work Capacity:


2 Rounds for time:
25x Deadlift 275/185 lbs.
12x Burpee pull-ups
25x Squat cleans 155/105 lbs.
12x Muscle-ups
25x Push-press 135/95 lbs.
12x L-sit pull-ups

Notes: Today's session is named after Christopher Bemis a fellow Rescue Swimmer and an awesome friend of mine. His dedication and discipline to self-improvement can only be rivaled by his strong work ethic and good-natured character.

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  1. Chris Bemis broke in the workout with an amazing time of 36:44!