28 July 2011


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller


Run 800m


2 Rounds
3x Hill sprint repeats
Rest 30 secs.
2x Hill sprint repeats
Rest 30 secs.
1x Hill sprint
Rest 3 mins.

Notes: Find a hill about 100 feet long and steep; these are not gradual inclines these are "lets do work" vertical ball-busters. Sprint to the top all out, turn around jog back down and immediately repeat for said reps. Stay HYDRATED!


  1. I have never done hill sprints before, and now i know why.

    Fahey and I did this together at the path-hill (near the big chained up tire and picnic table at Hickory Hills.

    It took us 24.46s

    It was awful. We both were very close to puking. Then we all went out to the beach and Vans near Fishtown. We had a fire on the beach, ate and drank, and spoke well of you brother.

  2. Very good hill selection! I have learned quickly that training in triple digit heat saps you of your soul and is terrible.

    Never lose sight of the goal and purpose of our training. Preparation for life, you're training yourself to respond and adapt to the unexpected... Always go as hard as you can! Miss you guys...