31 July 2011


Active Recovery:

Swim 2000m


Free running - a discipline to self development through the complete freedom of movement created by following your own way whilst using the environment to develop yourself and to always keep moving, but never retreating backwards.

Get outside and move freely over walls, through alleys, in the trees, through the water, negotiating whatever obstacles present themselves...

"Fortitude is the moral virtue that ensures firmness in difficulties and constancy in the pursuit of the good. It strengthens the resolve to resist temptations and to overcome obstacles in the moral life. The virtue of fortitude enables one to conquer fear, even fear of death, and to face trials and persecutions. It disposes one even to renounce and sacrifice his life in defense of a just cause."


  1. Fahey and I walked down to the beach with our 40# sandpacks, swam 1000m in 24:04s (short rest after first 500m). And then spent the next however-long snorkeling around the deeper edges of the bay and river mouth. It was a good day.

  2. Nice man good to have a training partner, keep up the good work!