05 August 2011


Maximum longevity and the greatest level of adaptability to the unknown- these are the two goals of Trained to Conquer. We're not sport-oriented or a strength program; we're not a technical proficiency center; and we're not here to make you amazing at any one thing. When you view physical fitness under the constraints of increasing survivability and versatility goals are specific and oriented towards 2 categories:

A. Physical prowess:
1. Achieving a high level of work capacity - the ability to complete a given amount of work in the fastest time possible or the ability to complete the maximum amount of work within a restricted time limit. This is our energy system development and where we train stamina and endurance as well as short intense bouts of power
2. Achieving a basic foundation in "Day-to-Day" strength:
Carrying - a person any way possible for at least a quarter mile, objects of varying weights and sizes, and rucking long distances at a threshold pace
Lifting - an object off the ground and putting it overhead
Grip - strength is paramount in day-to-day strength development

B. Skill orientation:
1. Environmental adaptability:
a. Free Running/Parkour - sprinting short and long distances, over, under, and around obstacles uphill and downhill as well as under a load; jumping off high platforms and rolling out, clearing gaps without hesitating, precision jumping, maintaining a high vertical leap; climbing walls, ropes, rocks, trees, cliffs and ladders, as well as scaling fences or buildings
b. Water Confidence - swimming in open water with fins or without, swimming in clothes, treading water for long periods, underwater swimming at least 50 yd, buddy towing, completing tasks in the water
2. Combative ability - proficiency in some form of striking art, as well as some form of submission art

Achieving high levels of competence in these areas affords us maximum ability to accomplish physically whatever we need or come across. Anything else or additionally is for sport or fun!

Work Capacity:

5 Rounds for time:
5x Muscle-ups
25x K.B. swings 55/35 lbs.
5x Burpees
25x Double-unders


  1. As RX'ed but with 62# kettle bell finished in 19:17

    Courtney did 5 Rounds:
    5x Clean and jerk w/45# bar
    25x KB swings w/40# kettle bell
    5x Burpees
    40m sprint
    She finished in 25:36 kicking and screaming :-)

  2. A.M.- 3.5 mile run

    Ill never get up and run at 3:45am again. I would rather run AFTER TTC.com workouts in the afternoon. Lesson learned...again.

    P.M.- I modified this so i could do it outside instead of the gym. It was such beautiful weather for an ass kicking.

    Warmup- Ruck 1.6 miles @40#'s to the civic center.

    5 Rounds for time:
    15x kipping pullups
    15x dips
    25x SDHP using 40# ruck
    5x Burpees
    10x 30" box jumps


    This was absolutely awful. Not sure if i simply had no energy, or if it was because i was alone. Maybe a combination of the two.