28 August 2011

Train Smart - Train Hard

After serious thought, I will be taking a break from posting to this site. I have put forth everything I know for public digestion; feel free to start anywhere and work forward again. Training, although not ever easy, is most definitely simple! Eat clean and real foods, train with maximum intensity, and RECOVER... Here are a few references to help you along: Top exercises to train are here; I have found the most success in performance, body composition, and overall well being while following this; also one of the most important things to train is muscle imbalance correction, additionally check here.

Old Wisdom:
Be responsible for yourself - your life depends on it.
Hold yourself accountable - because you need to count on yourself.
Set goals for yourself for 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years - everything measured gets managed!
Do something at least 5x before throwing it out - you might decide to stick with it.
Train your weaknesses first - we become good at what we practice, and we enjoy what we're good at.