21 September 2011

Get Some!

"Fortune favors the bold."


3 mile Obstacle run - run over hills, hurdles, logs, rocks, picnic tables, jump over, on top, around, duck under, climb, crawl, etc...


4 Rounds for time:
5x Bench press 225 lbs.
6x Convict pull-ups*
7x Back squat 155 lbs.
8x K.B. swings 80 lbs.
9x GHD sit-ups

*Utilizing a wide grip pull-up: pull up chin to your left hand, without dropping down slide to your right so your chin is over your right hand then slide back to the left and then descend this is one rep. Alternate directions each rep.

Notes: This session is named after my six-month old son who has just this month learned to army crawl, bear crawl, crawl on all fours, pull himself up to standing, negotiate obstacles and who can bridge and roll like a champ. I love you son keep growing stronger every day.

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