13 January 2013

Training has recommenced...

Heavy KB C+J
5-4-3-2-1 ea arm

Single arm DB bench press
10-8-6-4-2 each arm

Bulgarian split squat
5-4-3-2-1 each leg

Weighted strict pull-up

Note: looks like - 
5 KB C+J, 10 Bench press, 5 B. split squat, 10 pull-ups
4 KB C+J, 8 Bench press, 4 B. split squat, 8 pull-ups
3 KB C+J, 6 Bench press, 3 B. split squat, 6 pull-ups
2 KB C+J, 4 Bench press, 2 B. split squat, 4 pull-ups
1 KB C+J, 2 Bench press, 1 B. split squat, 2 pull-ups

50x Double KB snatch 55/35# each


6x Sled pull sprints 90# sled
Rest 30 sec between sprints

I've taken a considerable amount of time away from this blog. It was necessary. During my leave of absence life has knocked me down and thrown some hard punches. I'm going to be transparent, I missed the point with training and "working out." I was so caught up in numbers of sets, reps, loads, and the physiology, I was always searching for new exercises and programming I way overshot my purpose. Quite simply this is just a means to an end. Our end is maximum ability maintained over time to help ensure health and wellness so we can enjoy life, take on challenges and opportunities, defend ourselves and protect our love ones, and work to provide for our families and selves.

Consistency, moderation, simplicity, patience, intensity, hard work, commitment, integrity and passion, characteristics all necessary for reaching our potential are ironically also beneficial to every other aspect of life. This being said, I want to emphasize the importance of the whole picture. Being physically fit is only one fraction of the whole. Emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, sexual, and recreational health is also just as important.  As we begin this new year and continue to improve or maintain our health and wellness I hope to bring you refreshing perspective and programming that will improve your physical being, spirit, and mind. We'll dig deeper into everything as we go along...