17 February 2013


"And I say, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove!  I would fly away and be at rest." 
Psalms 55:6

Bulgarian split squat 3x10 each leg
Hang power clean 5x5
Push-press 10-8-6-4-2

50x Tire flips for time 350-500lbs


10 Rounds:
10x Muay Thai push-ups*
100yd Sprint
Rest as needed

*Muay Thai push-up is performed by explosively pushing off the ground and then clapping behind the back before catching yourself in the next push-up.

Sometimes I find that I offer advice to people that I in fact should adhere to more often myself. Below are some of my ponderings of late, they revolve around the following:

1. Before undertaking any new training program or cementing a decision to attack the next man challenge you should always ask yourself two questions - "How is this helping me? And Why?" If whatever you're planning on doing can provide a positive and beneficial answer to those two questions then that's a good start. However, if you find that you're just trying to prove yourself, or weigh your worth at the expense of potential injury or folly you might consider foregoing that course of action.

2.  Second, body weight and composition are dictated by diet, PERIOD. If an individual desires to shed excess body weight or lean out then there needs to be a serious assessment of food intake. Quality, consistency, balance, quantity, and the ability of the food to provide nutritional health and fueling for performance must all be considered. You cannot out train a poor diet. If you know of someone who eats unhealthy and still maintains a "desirable appearance," disregard them, because unfortunately that's not you or else you wouldn't need to drop some pounds - think about it. 

3. Thirdly, training is a controlled stimulus in a controlled environment induced to promote positive adaptation. Adaptation comes in the form of increased strength, performance, and ability. Strength training throughout life literally maintains and provides a level of longevity for the individual. Therefore, treat it as such. It is not the end goal. Train with a purpose. USE your strength outside of the gym otherwise its just vanity!

4. Conditioning and training termed "cardio" more appropriately identified as energy system development is important to maintain efficiency in each of the three metabolic pathways which provide the body with energy for all activity. Poorly conditioned metabolic pathways can inhibit one's life in numerous ways. Don't let yourself get out of shape or in other words don't let your conditioning slip. It will cost you. A well conditioned person has allowed themselves the physical capability to take on the majority of life's tasks with confidence. This makes life easier. We like when life is easier.

Just some food for thought, so eat up!

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