01 August 2013


"There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."
Romans 8:1

Work Capacity
10 Intervals of 10sec work/20 sec rest on Airdyne
then immediately,
10 Intervals of 10sec work/20 sec rest on Versa-climber
then immediately,
Swim 500m for time

The Truth

There is no substitute for diet. What you put into your body dictates both body composition and appearance, PERIOD. You cannot out train a poor diet. Yes, there are people that eat whatever they want and don’t seem to gain weight or suffer negative consequences from their habits. But this does not dismiss the fact that it is still unhealthy to eat poorly. Be honest with yourself, can you eat poorly and still appear as desired, perform at a high level, and maintain feeling healthy? Then disregard that notion and excuse! If you want to lose weight and lean out it is paramount to both change how you are eating now and adopt a healthy perspective and attitude towards what you are consuming.

The Japanese have a word for making small positive changes in one’s actions, behaviors, and habits - it’s called “kaizen.” The principle of kaizen rests on the understanding that no matter how small the change or insignificant it may seem, what is important is that you are progressing positively in the direction towards your end goal. Even in the least amount, it is still improvement.

It requires self-accountability. It requires discipline. Discipline is not something easily achieved, but is developed through the continued denial of self-gratification. Say no to yourself. We don’t eat junk because we need it - we do it because we want it.

The goal is to instill small lifestyle changes over a long period of time to condition habitual behavior and successful adherence. You should not maintain a mindset revolved around immediate fixes, 30-day solutions, or promises of fat-burning magic in the form of shakes, juices, cleanses and diets. Take steps to become educated in nutritionally wise and sound eating habits, fueling the body for performance, learning to enjoy eating healthy, and understanding that its ok to eat birthday cake occasionally and not feel guilty.

It is my goal and heart’s intent to pass on to you the knowledge and ability to keep yourself healthy and eliminate any need to depend on superficial training programs designed to keep you in the dark and coming back paying more. 

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