21 June 2015


My wife.

Since my last (departing) post I have continued to journey through the ebb and flow of life and have been significantly blessed. Along the way I have been given opportunities that afforded me great ability to learn. I was able to study the Conjugate Method under Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell, I worked as a CrossFit Coach at a local box, I earned both the CSCS and TSAC-F through the NSCA, I learned to sumo deadlift from Matt Wenning, I served on a team of four that created an operational fitness "C" school for the military, I became a tactical combatives instructor in Krav Maga, and most importantly my beautiful daughter was born.

What I have learned/relearned is this:
1. Make being strong a strength!
2. Incorporate daily mobility training - Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett, is an awesome resource.
3. Conditioning should be balanced to target all three energy systems appropriately.
4. Variety is integral to creating a greater base of GPP.
5. Your program should allow for individual goals/objectives.
6. Your rest/recovery should be intelligently planned/programmed.
7. Target your weaknesses/deficiencies!
8. Training should revolve around the functional movements of the body: pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging at the hips, loaded carry, rotation, and counter rotation. 
9. Follow a plan.

3-4 Rounds
30x Atomic push-ups
30 sec Sprint in place jumping rope
30x Alternating KB swings 53/35lbs
10x Strict pull-ups
30x Alternating pistols
30 sec Rest


3 Rounds
PVC wrist roller extension w/10lbs 5 feet up and back down
5x Standing ab wheel rollouts as slow as possible
2 minute wrestler neck bridge
Rest as needed between rounds


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  2. Love you bro! Miss your posts. Glad to see you're still working hard to become the swiss army knife of men. Holler at your boy!