25 September 2016


There is so much information currently available for each of us to take advantage. Unfortunately, there is also a significant amount of disinformation that can be misleading, time-wasting, and inappropriate.

I started this project in 2008, with the objective of uncovering the truth behind the question "What is fitness?" Eight years later, after countless hours spent testing theories, traveling down roads that led to both success and injury, and experimenting with a gamut of methodologies - I have an answer to that question. Balance.

What I have discovered is that no matter what you are pursuing be it competitive sports, records, strength gains, faster times, greater health, endurance, flexibility, power, skills, or aesthetics, without balance you are not truly fit.

Perhaps, in the context of your endeavor, defined by the parameters of that activity you are the fastest, strongest, most powerful, leanest, longest lasting, or healthiest individual. But the pursuit of greatness in a singular arena requires that other facets be put to the side.

In this world, each of us were created with purpose. Yes, you! You have a purpose. With purpose comes responsibility. I'd be hard pressed to discern what everyone's natural gifting or unique calling was; however, I recognize that physical fitness is an aspect of your life that when applied in balance can greatly enhance your ability to affect your circumstances.

No matter your individual purpose, we all have an inherent right and responsibility to protect and provide for ourselves and our families. We have a duty to stand up for, protect, lend a hand, and assist our fellow man in whatever capacity we are able. Our physical preparedness, mental faculty, faith, courage, character, grit, moral code, and situational awareness all serve to aid in this ability.

My goal is to help you in bringing balance to the physical preparedness aspect. In doing so, I will provide weekly training sessions with the specific objective of building a well-rounded base of fitness. The intention is not to be a coverall, nor will this program give you the specifics to chase down anyone set attribute.

I want each one of you to establish a healthy level of endurance and work capacity, because life is demanding of our energy. I will promote the development of strength and power, but not to the degree that conditioning or variety will diminish. I am a firm believer in the continuous pursuit of learning, and therefore will incorporate skills that may take years to practice (this is ok, and should be approached with patience).

Sowing and reaping. That is what will happen. I want to sow into you principles, knowledge, practices, wisdom, and resolve. So that you can reap the ability, confidence, character, and strength to do the things you were meant to do, and be the person you were meant to be.

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