29 September 2016


Work Capacity
As fast as possible complete:
60x Thrusters loaded w/50 percent of your bodyweight
Rest 5 minutes

6 Sets:
30 sec row for max distance
1 min rest

Note: Complete the thrusters as fast as you can without sacrificing form. This is a lesson in fortitude. You will want to put the bar down. You will drop the bar and hesitate to pick it back up; waiting a second longer for the anticipation of the terribleness to cease... But it doesn't and it won't, so be stronger than the need for comfort and push through it. Knock out those few extra reps, pick the bar back up after a couple breaths and crush this!

1 comment:

  1. Thrusters at 85lbs, ended up going 30-10-10-10 with a handful of breaths between sets. Time was 3:21