28 September 2016


Posterior Chain Development + Rotational Strength
3 Rounds NOT for time:
10x Hanging floor wipers
1 min weighted side plank left side 35/15lbs
10x Band resisted rotational chops left side
1 min weighted side plank right side 35/15lbs
10x Band resisted rotational chops right side

30 min sled drag 90/45lbs

Note: To complete the floor wiper grab onto a pull-up bar and raise your legs straight up until toes are level with bar. From this position rotate legs down and to the left twisting your torso until legs are parallel to the ground. Return to starting position and repeat in opposite direction to complete 2x reps. 

For the weighted side plank hold a dumbbell on your hip while keeping your midline straight and rigid. You will do a side plank on the left side, 10x rotational chops on the left side, and then switch sides doing the same sequence for the right. 

The sled drag is a power walk. Drive through the heels every step. Walking with the sled as opposed to running ensures no momentum, allowing each step to build starting strength. Use a waist harness or attach the sled straps to your lifting belt. Goal is to cover 1.5 miles in the allotted time, adjust the load appropriately to meet this objective.

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