31 October 2016


Odd min - 2x Back squat, heavy
Even min - 4x Single-arm DB clean and press each side, 75lbs

Note: Warm-up really well before starting this, then work up to a heavy 2 rep squat; hard and challenging, but not max effort. Scale the DB weight as needed for the single arm clean and strict press. The C+P should add up quickly causing you to work through this with purpose as you return to the heavy squat.

30 October 2016


Strength Endurance
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps of:
Strict deadhang pull-ups
Handstand push-ups
Strict toes-to-bar
Pistol squats each leg, alternating

Note: All body weight control today. The ability to manipulate the body into functional shapes and through specific movement patterns is paramount to everyday activity. In this session there is no time component, rather focus on sustaining full range quality movements while building strength endurance.

27 October 2016


Odd min - 3x Power clean, heavy
Even min - 5x Bench press, heavy

Note: Warm-up really good before beginning today's session. Choose a weight that is challenging for both movements, but do not sacrifice anything to go up in weight. Three reps of power clean does not have to be unbroken, you may drop the bar, reset and lift again. For the bench externally rotate the shoulders and try and break the bar as you are pressing. Your elbows should be tucked, lats engaged and triceps driving extension. Be strong!

26 October 2016


Row 6k < 1:55/500m split

Note: Endurance is the crowning quality. We don't go long often. There isn't really a need, but you do need to still train single modality endurance efforts intermittently. Aerobic capacity is paramount to performance. The more efficient your system, the less work feels like work. Crush this today!

24 October 2016


5 Rounds:
10m Handstand walk
Side plank 1 min LH
1x Turkish getup LH
Side plank 1 min RH
1x Turkish getup RH
Wrestler bridge 1 min
Rest 3 min

Note: There is no hiding today, deficiencies will be highlighted in this session. There is no time component in this session other than prescribed rest, so take the time needed to produce quality positions and maintain your posture. Use the TGU to pack the shoulder and practice stability while challenging economy of movement under load. If the wrestler bridge is difficult or intimidating, neck strength is most likely a glaring hole in your armor.

23 October 2016


Strength + Endurance
6 Sets:
60yd Sled drag forward @bodyweight
Rest 1 minute
6 Sets:
60yd Sled drag backward @bodyweight
Rest 1 minute

800m Sled drag @50% bodyweight while carrying a heavy odd object in the bear hug position (choose a heavy slam ball, lighter atlas stone, rock, sandbag, log, keg, etc)

Note: Load up sled with weight equal to your current bodyweight. Rest between sets for one minute. Rest between short intervals and longer drag for five minutes. Choose an odd object that is moderately heavy and challenging to carry for 400m, then hang on for the next 400m. Refuse to quit moving! On the lighter side 40 lbs will work, double that weight and you're on the right track! Don't have a sled, improvise!

20 October 2016


Work Capacity
For time 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Single arm dumbbell row
Box jump 24 inch box w/DB's in hands
Muscle-up on odd rounds only

Note: Choose a dumbbell weight for the rows that is hard, but doable. For the box jump the load is going to be dependent on your body's ability to generate power - I find 35lbs in each hand to be a good challenge for this session, but please scale down if you have never done weighted jumps before. Land softly! Complete muscle-ups on the bar of rings for rounds 9-7-5-3-1.

19 October 2016


5x Mr. Spectacular*
50m Swim

*To accomplish one repetition of Mr. Spectacular complete 1x double KB clean and press, return the KB's to the deck, walk hands out into plank position and complete 1x push-up, immediately walk hands back to base of feet, grab KB's and transition into next rep.

Note: The Mr. Spectacular is an exercise courtesy of Rob Shaul of the Mountain Tactical Institute. Choose a load that you can manipulate with sound form and stability in the overhead position. Wet hands will add to the challenge of controlling two kettle bells, so be wise in your selection. Fifty meter swim is completed with stroke of choice. If you are one of my rescue swimmer peers complete an over/under lap with no gear.

17 October 2016



Strength + Work Capacity
5-5-5 Deadlift

3 Rounds for time:
15x Toes to bar
10x Wallballs 30lb ball
5x Deadlift 1.5x bodyweight

Note: Work up to a heavy five for the deadlift and complete all three sets across (same load). Rest for five minutes and then move with purpose and intensity through the circuit. The TTB can be completed with a kip. Use a heavy and challenging weight for the wallballs so that ten reps gets you breathing hard. When you get to the deadlift refocus on movement integrity and keep yourself in check with your form.


Min 1 - LH one-arm push-up x3
Min 2 - RH one-arm push-up x3
Min 3 - Skin-the-cat pike position x3

Note: The one arm push-up may be frowned upon as a party trick; others may shy away due to its difficulty to learn. I program this movement because it teaches you tension. A properly executed one arm push-up is a tremendous lat builder; it develops tension awareness across the body and teaches anti-rotational stability. If you find yourself turning away from certain movements or types of training I would consider assessing why? Perhaps these areas are your biggest weaknesses and should actually be targeted...

13 October 2016


3 Rounds for time:
800m Run
400m Farmer walk 53/25lbs kettle bells

Note: Go for broke on the run, steel your mind during the carry and resist the urge to set the weights down. Loading is specifically programmed to be just past what would be comfortable without already breathing hard. Get some! 

12 October 2016


Strength + Work Capacity
Work up to a heavy front squat

5 Rounds for time:
1x Back squat @ FS load
3x Strict weighted pull-ups 25lbs
2x Back squat @ FS load
3x Strict weighted pull-ups 25lbs
3x Back squat @ FS load
3x Strict weighted pull-ups 25lbs

Note: Work up to a 1 rep heavy (NOT max) front squat. Form and range of motion are paramount. When you establish your heavy load for the day leave the weight on the bar for the work capacity training. During the second part of the training without sacrificing movement integrity as priority one, move through the two exercises with purpose. Scale pull-ups as needed.

10 October 2016


Work Capacity
3 Rounds for time:
20x Pistols (alternating)
40x Push-ups
40x Air squats
20x Burpees

Note: Just you, your bodyweight, and some space. Get after it, but focus on movement quality over intensity. Keep the elbows tucked into your sides during the push-ups, don't let your opposing foot touch the ground during the pistols, and do not flop around on the ground like a fish out of water during the burpees. Look strong, be strong!

09 October 2016


Odd min: 6x Sandbag shouldering (alternate sides every rep) 100/60lbs
Even min: 5x Double KB push-press 53/25lbs

Note: Be as explosive as possible with the sandbag, ripping it from the floor to catch it on your shoulder. This exercise builds powerful hip extension, a strong back, intense gripping power, and has a callusing effect on the body by building resilience as you train yourself to absorb impact. For the double KB push-press form is everything. Dip the knees slightly and aggressively drive the hips open propelling the weights out of the rack position and overhead to lockout. Scale the loads as needed, including up, if necessary.

06 October 2016


Posterior Chain Development
2x2 min Ukrainian deadlift 70-100lb kettle bell
1x3 min banded belt squat walk

3 Rounds:
10x Stone-to-shoulder, alternating 100-150lb stone
15x Reverse hyperextensions - heavy
10x Ab wheel rollouts - slow

Note: To perform the Ukrainian deadlift stand on two boxes of equal height and use a heavy kettle bell to deadlift. On the eccentric portion of the lift lower the kettle bell deep between the boxes. Depth will be determined by individual flexibility and range of motion, but the goal is to significantly stretch the hamstrings and glutes before contracting and returning to full lock out. Rest two minutes between sets. The banded belt squat walk is a great glute developer. For the stone to shoulder, be explosive and aggressive from the hips, while rolling the stone up the torso onto the shoulder. The weight is programmed to be manageable for maintaining a consistent grinding effort. There is no programmed rest during the three rounds, but it is not for time so control your body and maintain postural awareness during the ab wheel rollouts. Enjoy the weekend!

05 October 2016


5 Sets:
200m swim
Rest until HR drops back down to 130-135 bpm

Note: Each swim is a maximum effort. Stroke choice is up to you. If you happen to be in a profession that requires the use of gear, use it. Complete the next interval after heart rate has dropped down to 135 or below.


What makes you tick?

Everyone has some level of desire to be "healthy" and "fit" - but what drives this desire? I'm going to be brazen and state that most people's desires for fitness are superficial. I chose the word superficial, because it is the most accurate descriptor of what I mean. Superficial is defined as: (1) existing or occurring at or on the surface; (2) appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely. If the majority of people who wanted to be fit, truly wanted to be fit, then they would be healthy and physically fit.

The problem is that we often want something else in the moment, more than what we exclaim to want. Now, I am not judging this nor stating that this is wrong; in this great country we live in, we are allowed to make those decisions. However, I AM stating that you need to recognize what is happening here.

We need to learn to recognize what is driving our decision-making process, what is determining our focus, and what is providing our direction. If we are driven by internal hurts and wounds from past experiences, false perspectives, and unhealthy mindsets than we are vulnerable to derail our own plans for success. Often we make decisions based on how we feel, we determine priority at the whim of our emotions. Unfortunately, emotions are like the tide, and ebb and flow inconsistently.

Motivation is like our emotions; sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not. What is more important than motivation, is Awareness. We need to be aware of what is going on internally; what is driving us to do the things we do. If you can identify internally your purpose, if you can learn to accept yourself then you can allow yourself the discipline that is necessary to commit to change.  

We are each capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit. Unfortunately, we often limit ourselves with self-imposed boundaries. We self-sabotage because we lack true purpose and commitment. Discipline is, and always will be, a practice. And like all things we practice, time and patience equally pay dividends. So I invite you to take some time and reflect. Find some quiet and be still. What is your inner man or woman telling you?

When you have entered into a place of internal peace and have developed an awareness of your inner workings, the next step is developing understanding. Why should we strive for discipline to maintain a high level of health and physical fitness? In my eyes, health is the correct and balanced functioning our internal systems to keep us alive and well. Fitness on the other hand, is the ability to take on an array of life activities from work and chores to the things that we passionately enjoy.

I strongly believe and am committed to the idea that our main objective in developing our fitness is purposed in becoming more physically capable at providing for our needs and family, protecting ourselves and loved ones, enduring the inevitable storms of life, and enjoying the passions and pursuits God has instilled in us.

I work hard because my family needs me. I pursue strength because I may need to fight hard and fast for those I love and the beliefs I hold. I push my own limits beyond what is comfortable and safe, because life will knock me down over and over and I need to stand back up. And I train consistently so that I can continue to live a full life, where things are not beyond my reach because I am incapable.

03 October 2016


Work Capacity
For time 1-2-3-4-5 reps of:
Tire flip
Double KB front squat 53/25lbs

Rest 5 min

For time 5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Tire flip
Double KB strict press 53/25lbs

Note: Choose a tire that is challenging to flip consecutively. When flipping the tire, drive forward and up following through with a knee. Avoid raising your hips before your chest, as this will create potential for injury.

02 October 2016


Strength Endurance
5 Giant Sets:
5x Strict muscle-ups
10x Ring dips
5x Strict ring pull-ups
1x Skin-the-cat
Rest 3 minutes

Note: All four ring movements are completed in sequence and unbroken if able. Depending on your skill level and strength endurance this may prove too challenging currently. That's ok scale as needed to include resting between movements, or reducing repetitions. Remember practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent - so as always prioritize movement quality.