06 October 2016


Posterior Chain Development
2x2 min Ukrainian deadlift 70-100lb kettle bell
1x3 min banded belt squat walk

3 Rounds:
10x Stone-to-shoulder, alternating 100-150lb stone
15x Reverse hyperextensions - heavy
10x Ab wheel rollouts - slow

Note: To perform the Ukrainian deadlift stand on two boxes of equal height and use a heavy kettle bell to deadlift. On the eccentric portion of the lift lower the kettle bell deep between the boxes. Depth will be determined by individual flexibility and range of motion, but the goal is to significantly stretch the hamstrings and glutes before contracting and returning to full lock out. Rest two minutes between sets. The banded belt squat walk is a great glute developer. For the stone to shoulder, be explosive and aggressive from the hips, while rolling the stone up the torso onto the shoulder. The weight is programmed to be manageable for maintaining a consistent grinding effort. There is no programmed rest during the three rounds, but it is not for time so control your body and maintain postural awareness during the ab wheel rollouts. Enjoy the weekend!

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