23 October 2016


Strength + Endurance
6 Sets:
60yd Sled drag forward @bodyweight
Rest 1 minute
6 Sets:
60yd Sled drag backward @bodyweight
Rest 1 minute

800m Sled drag @50% bodyweight while carrying a heavy odd object in the bear hug position (choose a heavy slam ball, lighter atlas stone, rock, sandbag, log, keg, etc)

Note: Load up sled with weight equal to your current bodyweight. Rest between sets for one minute. Rest between short intervals and longer drag for five minutes. Choose an odd object that is moderately heavy and challenging to carry for 400m, then hang on for the next 400m. Refuse to quit moving! On the lighter side 40 lbs will work, double that weight and you're on the right track! Don't have a sled, improvise!

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