05 October 2016


What makes you tick?

Everyone has some level of desire to be "healthy" and "fit" - but what drives this desire? I'm going to be brazen and state that most people's desires for fitness are superficial. I chose the word superficial, because it is the most accurate descriptor of what I mean. Superficial is defined as: (1) existing or occurring at or on the surface; (2) appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely. If the majority of people who wanted to be fit, truly wanted to be fit, then they would be healthy and physically fit.

The problem is that we often want something else in the moment, more than what we exclaim to want. Now, I am not judging this nor stating that this is wrong; in this great country we live in, we are allowed to make those decisions. However, I AM stating that you need to recognize what is happening here.

We need to learn to recognize what is driving our decision-making process, what is determining our focus, and what is providing our direction. If we are driven by internal hurts and wounds from past experiences, false perspectives, and unhealthy mindsets than we are vulnerable to derail our own plans for success. Often we make decisions based on how we feel, we determine priority at the whim of our emotions. Unfortunately, emotions are like the tide, and ebb and flow inconsistently.

Motivation is like our emotions; sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not. What is more important than motivation, is Awareness. We need to be aware of what is going on internally; what is driving us to do the things we do. If you can identify internally your purpose, if you can learn to accept yourself then you can allow yourself the discipline that is necessary to commit to change.  

We are each capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit. Unfortunately, we often limit ourselves with self-imposed boundaries. We self-sabotage because we lack true purpose and commitment. Discipline is, and always will be, a practice. And like all things we practice, time and patience equally pay dividends. So I invite you to take some time and reflect. Find some quiet and be still. What is your inner man or woman telling you?

When you have entered into a place of internal peace and have developed an awareness of your inner workings, the next step is developing understanding. Why should we strive for discipline to maintain a high level of health and physical fitness? In my eyes, health is the correct and balanced functioning our internal systems to keep us alive and well. Fitness on the other hand, is the ability to take on an array of life activities from work and chores to the things that we passionately enjoy.

I strongly believe and am committed to the idea that our main objective in developing our fitness is purposed in becoming more physically capable at providing for our needs and family, protecting ourselves and loved ones, enduring the inevitable storms of life, and enjoying the passions and pursuits God has instilled in us.

I work hard because my family needs me. I pursue strength because I may need to fight hard and fast for those I love and the beliefs I hold. I push my own limits beyond what is comfortable and safe, because life will knock me down over and over and I need to stand back up. And I train consistently so that I can continue to live a full life, where things are not beyond my reach because I am incapable.

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