13 November 2016


Work Capacity
For time:
Double kettlebell push-press 53lbs each hand
50yd Atlas stone bear hug carry > 100lbs*

*Looks like 20x push-press/50yd carry, 15x push-press/50yd carry, 12x push-press/50yd carry, 10x push-press/50yd carry, etc

Note: For time doesn't mean throw your integrity out the window. It means move with purpose while completing each rep with quality range of motion and form. Intensity is needed to stress the position after mechanics have been soundly ingrained. Scale the loads as needed, try to go unbroken for each set of push-press. This should not be easy! 

Here is something to consider: IF YOU ARE SUFFERING it is because you are focused on yourself. During my military training when cold, harsh, wet weather intensified the long, drawn out grind of countless calisthenics, weighted carries, sprints, and swimming, if your mind wrapped around the emotional angst of enduring the hardship - you were done. 

Individuals would feel sorry for themselves because it was cold, training was unfair, muscles ached, cramps sporadically came and went, fatigue, a poor night's sleep, not enough food, too much food, bleeding hands, and sometimes golf ball-sized calcium deposit growths would build on the feet. All these conditional obstacles only served to eliminate those who could not see past themselves. 

However, the individuals who focused on encouraging the guy next to them, pushing harder when things got tough, embracing fatigue, rain, snow, sleet, rep after rep shouting motivation, almost thriving in the middle of the pain and hardship - they understood. They understood that IT WAS BIGGER THAN THEM

They endure the suck, for the day when someone will need their help. The time when all comforts and niceties are out the window and the worst case scenario has manifested its face. They know that when you invest your time, energy, and focus in helping others, when its not about you then you can go the distance. Everything else is just a distraction. 

IF YOU ARE SUFFERING, stop focusing on yourself and start helping those around you. In the end you will get what you need.

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