20 November 2016


5 Rounds:
5x Kettlebell single leg Romanian deadlift, each leg
6x Strict ring dip w/leg raise
Dead hang from pull-up bar 30 seconds
50yd Double kettlebell rack carry, 2x 53lbs
Rest 30 seconds

Note: Grab a challenging kettlebell in your opposing hand for the single leg Romanian deadlifts. Always pivot from the hip, driving the movement from the glute. For the dips set the rings to a height so that the dips can be completed in the hollow position. When you return to full extension at the top of the dip drive your legs up to your chest as in an L-sit, this is one rep. Maintain active shoulders pulling the scapula in and engaged during the dead hang. Finally, grab two challenging kettle bells for the rack carry. Keep the elbows down and tucked to the ribs. KEEP THE KETTLE BELLS OFF YOUR SHOULDERS! Rest briefly and jump into the next round.

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