27 November 2016


6 Rounds:
60yd sled drag 1.5x bodyweight
5x Trap bar deadlift 1.5x bodyweight 
10x Zercher squats .75x bodyweight 
Rest 3 minutes

Note: Heavy strength focus on the legs, hips and core today. Pull sled from the hips, driving through each step keeping the heels flat. Maintain as much of an upright torso as possible and brace your midline for solid core work. With the trap bar we are using a more conventional deadlift style, squatting instead of hinging at the hips. Drive through the heels and explosively open the hips by firing the glutes aggressively. For the Zercher squats hold the bar in the crooks of your elbows and squat nice and deep, keeping your trunk rock solid through every rep. You should be breathing hard on the squats making it a little more challenging to stay rigid, but push through it. Scale up or down as needed. I scaled up on the Zercher squat.

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