02 November 2016


Work Capacity
5 Rounds for time:
10x DB Thrusters 40lbs each hand
50m Swim

Note: This session is courtesy of Coach Brian Kirkendall. I have switched the standard barbell thruster out for dumbbells to facilitate ability to perform this workout at your pool. Maintain solid form and full range of motion from a squat below parallel to pressing the dumbbells out to full lockout overhead. Work through the thrusters with purpose. Once in the water, attack the swim with everything you have.

It is my utmost desire that the training I post each week and the words that I extend serve to encourage each of you in some way. I write what I write because it reminds me to follow through with what I have learned. The daily training is a simple prescription of constantly varied hard work. It does not need to be followed to the "T" to gain from the principles that are embedded in each session. Here is the simplicity behind the programming:
Training is four days a week. 
Purpose: you need to train consistently
Training is continuously varied.
Purpose: interest is sustained and accommodation avoided
Training consists of weekly exposure to heavy resistance.
Purpose: heavy resistance triggers the greatest response in neuromuscular adaptation and hormone production
Training regularly incorporates high-intensity/short duration outputs.
Purpose: intensity amplifies results
Training includes intermittent endurance efforts.
Purpose: aerobic capacity is the base for all other conditioning work
Training utilizes gymnastics and bodyweight training frequently.
Purpose: everyone should be able to move their body through functional shapes and postures, regular exposure to this allows us to recognize holes in our armor
Lastly, training prescribes bi-weekly swim sessions.
Purpose: water confidence and competency is a life skill

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