14 November 2016


Start a running clock. During the first five minutes, complete as many double kettlebell front squats as you are able. You will use one heavy kettlebell and one that weighs 10lbs less than the other. Switch sides with the loading as needed.

As soon as five minutes is up, immediately run one mile for time.

Note: For the unevenly yoked KB front squats core strength will be taxed tremendously. Use the five minutes of work to produce quality movement consistently. Methodically, attack each rep holding yourself accountable to midline stabilization, full depth at the bottom, and completely opening the hip at the top. DO NOT CHEAT the rack position by bringing the elbows up or resting the weight on the shoulders. Elbows should be tucked into the ribs creating a pocket for the bells to rest. After the squats settle into the run for the first quarter mile as your legs come back. Open up your stride, control your breathing and quickly increase the pace during the middle 800m, then go for broke on the last quarter mile. Leave nothing in the tank.

Will you bend or will you break. Resilience is the art of bouncing back. It is the ability to adapt to hardships and adversity in life. It is as much mental as physical, and therefore can be conditioned and honed through perseverance in both mental and physical challenge.

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