07 December 2016

Sleds, Stones, and Swimming

Strength Endurance
800m Sled drag w/bodyweight on the sled
Rest 5 min before next evolution

Atlas stone-to-shoulder 100+/60lbs
Followed by a 100ft bear hug carry w/stone
Rest 5 min before next evolution

10 Sets:
25m Swim sprint, finning only
Rest 30 seconds

Note: For the sled drag alternate walking forward with walking backward every 50m. When you get to the stone, explosively open the hips after hugging the stone up off the ground. Heave it up and over your shoulder, alternating sides every rep. After the last rep carry the stone in a bear hug for a hundred feet, drop it an begin the next set. If you don't have a stone use a sandbag or substitute with a set of double kettlebell cleans and rack carries. Next, transition quickly to the water, if you don't have fins just use a kick board. If no pool, sprint for 15 seconds on an incline and walk back to the start before going again. Crush it!

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