05 December 2016


3 Rounds:
5x Dead hang pull to inverted
30 sec Table bridge
5x KB windmills each arm
5x Glute ham raise 
10yd Handstand walk

Note: Everyone can benefit from greater GPP, general physical preparedness is developed through exposure to and practice of a wide variety of diverse movements that challenge our capacity to express strength, coordination, balance, endurance, and flexibility. Today we are challenging our systems with movements that demand we have sound kinetic chain function through different ranges of motion. For the dead hang pull to inverted, begin suspended beneath a pull-up bar or rings. Raise your feet to the bar, next fully engage your lats and pull your torso into a horizontal position while driving your toes to the sky and full extending your hips. Slowly reverse the movement and continue on for the next rep. The table bridge is a good shoulder extension stretch, fully engage your glutes and make a flat table top with your legs and torso. Use a challenging, but manageable load for the windmills. Movement integrity is always OUR highest priority. Glute ham raises done correctly with no break in the hips are exceptionally taxing, hold yourself accountable. Finally, practice your handstand walking over this short distance. Rest as needed between rounds.

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