19 December 2016


Perform 90 minutes of activity in either running, swimming, biking, intense hiking, snowshoeing (if your up North) or rowing 

Here is some Wisdom from the past: 
Now a days people push short highly intense training sessions, which cover all bases. This is true to a degree. You get the best bang for your buck training short durations at maximum intensity, and the majority of our training is centered around this method. However, I am a firm believer and have tried and tested this approach, and find that long bouts of intermittent endurance activity do serve a purpose. It is also important to keep our bodies guessing, because in real life sometimes we're sprinting for our lives and other times we find ourselves just grinding through. Overall what is important to understand is that we should never settle for one approach, but rather challenge ourselves on all facets. Who knows what tomorrow will bring or what obstacle we may face.

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