20 January 2017

2017 Challenge One

Test Your Grit

I want to preface with the fact that I do not condone the following type of activity be practiced regularly. However, there is a very real need to intermittently test and assess. As an individual who routinely trains and has committed to a lifestyle of physical preparedness, you NEED to assess the quality of your training system. Furthermore, because training in the "gym" and following a "program" is limited to the "simulated variables" of preparing for life's obstacles, there should be tests that extend past the physical element and cross into the realm of mental and emotional fitness.

These mental and emotional fitness capacities can be viewed as the qualities of resilience (emotional resolve to persevere through hardship), and grit (the fortitude to steel the mind despite adversity). There are arguably different means in which these seemingly unmeasurable characteristics can be developed. In my experience, discipline (the consistent application of concerted effort toward a desired result) and perseverance (the steadfast ability to apply determination unwaveringly) applied during crucible-type events or circumstance immediately garners results. Every time you push through, when you refuse to give in to the negative internal dialogue, when you ignore and displace the idea of not following through, when you apply yourself with commitment letting go of personal comfort or advantage - you grow.

With this perspective and mindset, I present to you Challenge One of the 2017 season. Please, recognize that this event is not for everyone. You should consult a medical professional before attempting this or any type of physically demanding activity prior to initiation.

Challenge One
For time complete the following:
1 mile of walking lunges
1 mile run

For those of you who have buddy towed a survivor, you will recognize the similarity that the legs feel. It is not fun, it never gets easier, but it also never gets harder. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Don't come out of the gate hot, instead attack it with purpose and keep grinding it out. Immediately after you stop the lunges and attempt to run your legs will be very unstable, be careful. Ease into the first part of the run, let the legs come back, and then open up the throttle. I finished this today with two guys at work, it is healthy to train together. Find some partners to throw down with. We all managed the lunges unbroken. My time was 50:30 for the lunges and 7:12 for the mile, total time 57:42. Post your times to comments!

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