12 January 2017


Odd minutes - 15 cal row or assault bike
Even minutes - 5x Zercher squat, heavy

Note: You may wonder why I prescribe the Zercher squat so often, neglecting more popular versions like back squats, front squats, or overhead squats. I prefer using the Zercher lifts because they are harder, they hurt, no one likes them, they callus your body, and they are super effective. The Zercher squat develops your quads better than a front squat, strengthens your traps more efficiently than shrugs, trains your core to brace better than any "ab program" and equally builds your arms up. In addition to all that awesomeness, the Zercher lifts also have the greatest transferability to carrying a heavy load or dragging a person to safety, while simultaneously demanding incredible mobility and movement integrity. So harden up and do your Zercher lifts, then you will be able to tackle other hard stuff in life!

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