15 January 2017


Single arm dumbbell clean and press as heavy as possible, alternate sides every rep
Stone-to-shoulder 100-150lbs, alternate sides every rep

Note: Horsepower today. The goal is to find a challenging load for both the dumbbell and stone so that each rep is taxing, but not to the point where form is degraded. If you do not have a stone to work with use a heavy sandbag, weighted D-ball, or an actual rock (any heavy, awkward, odd object that requires explosive hip extension to bring it from the ground to your shoulder will do). If you complete this session with unbroken sets your weights were too light. The first 4-6x reps should be manageable, 6-10x should be taxing, and for the first two sets 10+ should make you want to stop. Be safe, train hard!

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