29 January 2017


Work Capacity
3 Rounds:
100ft Handstand walk
20x Cossack squats w/53lbs (10x per leg)
20x Strict pull-ups
40x 1-arm alternating KB swings, 53lbs

Note: Simple, but not easy. Attack this session with patience. Skill on the handstand walk, lack of exposure to a movement pattern with the Cossack squat, strength endurance on the strict pull-ups, or conditioning with the swings, each variable adds a level of challenge depending on your current ability. Scale loading or volume to allow you to move through this safely.

Sunk Cost Bias - the continued investment of ourselves, resources, or time and energy into something we recognize as a losing proposition, because we have already "sunk" considerable investment that cannot be recovered. If you're currently wasting your time, money, energy, or anything else on a product, program, membership, relationship, or commitment that is not raising the value of your life, CUT YOUR LOSSES and move on. Otherwise its like trying to win back your lost money at the casino by gambling more... In life, everything we are exposed to is trying to sell us a new idea, perspective, attitude, behavior, opinion, mindset, lifestyle, etc... what we pay with is our time. Time is the most precious thing we have, invest yours wisely.

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