18 January 2017


6-10 Sets
50m Sidestroke swim holding pool brick in one hand
30x Push-ups

Note: Competence in the water varies greatly between individuals. Many people are capable swimmers, some are competitive, and yet others like myself, have a career that revolves around functioning in the water. Nevertheless, many people are not comfortable in the water. After developing proficiency in the water: moving yourself, floating, treading, and entering/exiting you can begin to develop further ability by manipulating an external object while completing the aforementioned skills. Today's session involves swimming a pool brick 50m while keeping the brick completely out of the water with one arm. Practicing this drill forces you to develop greater movement efficiency. Without it, you will quickly sink or submerge the brick. The addition of push-ups taxes the upper body between swims adding in a little bit of intensity. There is no prescribed rest. Tackle this accordingly, recognizing your own level of ability in the water. If this is your first exposure to this type of training, simply practice the drill without the push-ups, and rest as needed.

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